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Help & Support for Dropbox

Most of us at one time or the other has forgotten things like wallet, phone or even car keys. But what happens when you forget something like important meeting papers, spreadsheet or even your presentation? Technology has the answer and Support-Help has the expertise to help you have access to all your important files and documents, here are the tips.

Reach to your computer files in a matter of minutes. All you need is to sync all your important files across your computers, Smartphones and tablets. And for this you need Dropbox.

Dropbox is a simple and absolutely free software that allows you to have a virtual filing cabinet, wherever you go. Once you set up the Dropbox, you can forget worrying about file attachments and emails. No matter which device you use, Dropbox will automatically sync all your files.

In Dropbox the first 2.0 gigs are free and then you can build up to 18 gigs by just referring friends and family. If you require more space like 100, 200 and 500 gigs then just pay $10/month and get space as per your requirement.

So now you can forget which device you created the files on and simply enjoy Dropbox.

Contact Dropbox Technical Support of Support-Help today for guidance, technical support and help related to Dropbox for your Mac and Windows computers.

With expert and trained windows 10 Support team to provide expert help.

Scope of Service

  •  First time setup/Installation of Dropbox(Windows/Mac)
  •  Configure two Dropbox accounts.
  •  Help set up business and personal Dropbox account on one computer.
  •  Unable to connect to Dropbox.
  •  Dropbox does not launch.
  •  Conflict Copy issue in Dropbox.
  •  Slow File Synchronization on Dropbox.
  •  Dropbox file update issues.
  •  Help with Viruses on Dropbox.
  •  Help with Hacked Dropbox Accounts.
  •  Recover deleted files from Dropbox.
  •  Backup and Restore Dropbox files.
  •  File sharing on Dropbox server.
  •  Instant fix for all Dropbox errors.
  •  Dropbox help and support.
  •  Unable to Sync with Dropbox.

Support-Help Premium Support Includes:

  •  Configuration and fixing of your Operating system(Windows8/Windows 10 included).
  •  Security from spyware, virus, adware, etc.
  •  Software as well as peripheral issue fixing.
  •  Perform Windows update and software updates.
  •  Driver installations and complex OS patches.
  •  Any internet related problems and fixing.

Round the clock Excellent Tech Support across the world. Get in touch with Microsoft certified engineer in lesser than 45 seconds. Support-Help certified engineer offers ultimate resolution of the issue that is the best in industry. Every support we provide is properly explained including the cause and steps of the resolution, to avoid it later. Your issues would be resolved in real time and with full perfection and we promise premium resolution rate in the industry.

Call Support-Help on toll-free No. 1 800 345 0735 to avail expert tech support service and nifty solutions to all computer issues.

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