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Computers without printers are completely unimaginable. Printers are computer hardware devices which are used to print pictures and documents. They are available in Color and monochrome variants. Inkjet Printers, Laser Printers, Thermal Printers, and Color laser printers are a few common variants available in the market these days.

Most of the advanced printers are also equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity and memory card reading capabilities. Such features enable them to directly connect to the network and allow printing. Due to many moving parts and continuous usage, printers are prone to technical faults and are also impacted with software or driver configurations. Most common printer issues are paper jam, ink level alerts, cable issues, configuration and setup problems.

Our technicians at Support-Help have good troubleshooting experience on all brands and all kinds of printers. They instantly diagnose the problem and provide you the best solution.

Services And Facilities

  • Sure shot resolution to all the installation issues with your printer.
  • Updating the printer drivers to the latest version for better functionality.
  • Configuring your printer for the best performance.
  • Helping you to share the printer on the Local Area Network.

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Disclaimer: Support help is an independent provider of remote technical support services for software and peripherals. We have expertise over vast variety of third party hardware, software and peripherals and are certified independently, without any affiliation with any of these third party brands. The technicians at SupportHelp, are all “Support Help” certified and are not certified by the third party brands we support unless specified. If your product is under warranty, the repair services may be available for free from the vendor or brand. Also, the use of brand names is only for references and does not imply that we have an association.