Terms & Conditions

Support-Help Service Agreement

In this document we enumerate and describe the terms and conditions which will form the basis of the relationship between our company Support-Help which will be termed as "We" for further mention, and all the existing and new clients which will be termed as YOU in Course of this paper. You are requested to read and understand the below mentioned principles, terms, conditions and rules carefully.

Once read and understood we expect you to agree upon the same. When you give us a go ahead in terms of accepting to all these conditions we register you as a client and after charging the prescribed fee we start to provide you the service/services which you have selected.

Service Plans & the Process

We provide Computer installation, setup, trouble shooting, PC repair, internet support for new internet connection, browser, fault repair and speed up; email support for setting up an account and its rules and troubleshooting; provide PC/Laptop security through set up, installation of anti-virus and anti-spy ware, removal of virus and spy ware, configuration of firewalls, set up of data back-up, PC peripheral support by way of helping in installation of printer, LaserJet and multifunctional printers, scanners, digital cameras, MP3 players; optimization of startup setting, PC health and speed, and operating system support.

These above listed services do not provide or promise any hardware replacement as a part of any service plan. Importantly one plan is applicable to a single/one well recognized and identified laptop or a single Processing Unit and accompanied with its peripherials.

The plan options are:

  • Per Incidence Plan
  • Six months plan
  • Annual Plan

When you select a plan listed with us, our experts will contact you at a prescribed time via phone call or mail. Then you will be helped to Register with us for the plan of your choice. Once registered you are required to pay the amount prescribed to avail the selected plan.

You can make the payment either by credit card or Paypal account. You should take notice of the fact that except for the Per Incidence Plan all other plans are subjected to auto renewal. We request you to not use this selected/chosen service/plan for any unregistered system/ Computer/laptop/processing unit. If you tend to not follow this instruction the company will be free to charge the fee amount one more time from your account.

To avail for the yearly plans you need to pay the complete amount in advance at the time of registration. However, if you opt for the plans that spans more than a year the fee will be charged 30 days before the expiry of the plan. In case you do not plan to go for the same plan for the next year then we request you to inform us well in advance.

Ways of Support

Company, Support-Help, offers all its listed support services through the process of remote controlling of your computer system, whereby our support staff and engineers will take the control of you system (only with your permission) and troubleshoot the technical issues or problem you are facing on their own or guide you patiently to fix the problem in a step by step instructional method. Here we would like to me mention that remote support can be offered either by a telephone call, email, chat or remote controlling your system depending upon the situation and demand of the problem. During the resolution of your problem a text file will appear on the clip board of your computer showing the steps undertaken to resolve the issue. It is up to your convenience either to keep it for further reference or delete it. The most important thing to remember is that Support-Help takes no onsite service.

Company will take care of the services for computer/software registered in the plan. Support-Help will not be responsible under any circumstances for the software/computers not registered. Support-Help advice you to take a back up of all the data when you call to take over the remote support services. During the process of troubleshooting you can can loose your files or complete data. In that case Support-Help will not be held responsible for any loss of data. You are also advised not to open any computer system or attempt anything which can interfere with the process of support services.

Exclusion from the Services

This is to inform you that after the expiry of the service plan period company will not undertake any request related to a particular service. Also company will not be held responsible for any issue that occurs in the system after service due to installation/connecting/downloading any incompatible product to the system. This is important to note that Support-Help will not answerable to any loss/ technical problem that occurs due to either a shock, faulty electrical wiring, not following the prescribed procedure in product manual provided by its manufacturer.

Refund Policy

Company informs you that you are entitled to cancelation of any plan if the support staff is not able to resolve your issue or the problem is out of plan preview. Money back guarantee can be avail for 7 days for our per incident plans beginning at the time of 1st incident. For our subscription-based plan the Money-Back Guarantee is valid for 30 days, beginning at the time of online purchase for the plans that had been through for three months, there will be refund for up to 50% if no incident referred, and if only one incident has been referred then per incident fee will be charged and balance amount refunded. For the period exceeding six months, Support-Help will exercise its discretion in deciding, depending upon the time invested in it, from No refund to Pro-rata refund on a case to case basis.

Usage Policy

Support-Help will do the level best to make you happy with its services as the happy customer base is key to the success of any organization. Our technicians will help you resolve your issues. But if at any point of time we feel that your issue has been resolved and still we get calls showing dissatisfaction or complaints of negligence/unfulfilled services then we shall term it as harassment and will revoke/terminate the agreement. Also we cannot entertain you if you let somebody else use the services through your account.

You are refrained to create any hyper links to any portion of Support-Help portal. You are also advised not to use any fake identity and do any act which is not permitted under law. You are requested to not interfere in our normal working, cause damage to our image, our servers and systems, harass our staff, hack our website, and email IDs and passwords of our clients, our processes. Most importantly you will not spread virus and abuse the system in any manner.

You will not upload or post any pornographic material or objectionable matter and cause infringement of intellectual property rights of others. You undertake to keep Support-Help harmless and indemnify for all your actions that may lead to initiation of legal action or court judgment or harm Support-Help in any manner.

During our support Support-Help may ask you to install third party software on your system. By such suggestion Support-Help does not guarantee the quality or performance of such software or application and we make no warranty that we are acting on behalf of such party in any manner. There may be a situation where Support-Help may suggest you to avail third party services, software and equipment and may include technical support, games, music, storage, training etc. In that case it is for you to decide and avail the services and once you opt, you must not breach their terms and conditions and you agree to not to hold us responsible for the consequences arising out of use of such services.


The service agreement will be terminated if you try to misuse our services or resources or support (in the sole judgment of Support-Help) or try to damage or interfere with our system or violate any term of this agreement or it is directed by law or we are unable to provide the services or there are reasons beyond our control that prevent us from rendering the services or we don't renew the your plan. In either case, circumstances permitting, we will notify you of our decision.

Limitation to act

You are required to take any action within a year from the date of your cause of action or the expiry of the term of the plan, whichever is earlier. You agree that the extended period of plan will not be used to facilitate the application of law of limitations to cover an otherwise uncover able old act. Should there be a case where Support-Help is held accountable for any reason, you agree that in no case the liability of Support-Help will be greater than the amount paid under the plan for the period when cause of action took place. "We as a merchant shall be under no liability whatsoever in respect of any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly out of the decline of authorization for any Transaction, on Account of the Cardholder having exceeded the preset limit mutually agreed by us with our acquiring bank from time to time"

Interpretation, Modification and Application

The agreement is to be interpreted in totality and not in parts. Support-Help has all the rights to change, amend or modify any rule without any prior notice and the latest terms and conditions as appearing at any point of time at www.Support-Help.com will always govern the current service plans. You agree to view these terms on the website. Any substantial change carried out after the commencement of your first or renewed plan, will be conveyed to you in the shape of Alert on Terms & Conditions through email.

Disclaimer: Support help is an independent provider of remote technical support services for software and peripherals. We have expertise over vast variety of third party hardware, software and peripherals and are certified independently, without any affiliation with any of these third party brands. The technicians at SupportHelp, are all “Support Help” certified and are not certified by the third party brands we support unless specified. If your product is under warranty, the repair services may be available for free from the vendor or brand. Also, the use of brand names is only for references and does not imply that we have an association.